I Will Come To You And Explain Your Rights 


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Why Hire me!

      Experience after 40+ years.I have represented injured people on just about every

 continent.Europe,Asia,Africa,South America,and Australia.From automobile accidents to

 kidnappings wherever and whenever people are injured I have represented them

.Licensed in Louisiana but in association with other licensed attorneys I have

 represented people in Louisiana,Texas,Mississippi,Alabama,California, and others.

Our Experience Shows!

     Automobile accidents ,Everything from The Mothers Day Casino Bus Accident,Truck 

accidents,Taxi cabs, to a bystander watching their child injured as a Pedestrian.

Offshore: From Kidnapped  in Africa , Rigs falling over from negligence or hurricanes, to 

Deep Sea Divers,Shrimp Boats, Oil Boats, Jack Up boats to Skiffs my experience counts.